From Youtube to Superstardom: How To Live The Dream

"From Youtube to Television"

From Youtube to Superstardom: How To Live The Dream

"From Youtube to Television"

The Internet is some-what of a revolution within itself, given that people can take it to whatever heights they so choose… That’s if they put real effort into it.  People have acquired fame from websites, attention from self-made movies, and millions from original ideas and inspirations.  While just 10 years ago, many were running to Myspace (where?) to seek exposure, Youtube replaced the phenomenon, and hasn’t been topped since.

For those who are not trying to build their own empire, but seeking to find a place under an already standing one, Youtube is your go-to site… if you have the talent and appeal.  Dancers can showcase their skills and create new dance sensations, Poets can share their passions in the essence of performance, Directors, Photographers, all the same, can build fanbases, keep them, and expand them.  Profit from Youtube is a possible reality today.

But singers and comedians may be the ones banking the most.  Over the years, I had a few select favorites who went on to make a name for themselves.

There’s Durand Bernarr who is still working on independent material, touring with Erykah Badu (who I assume noticed him from his dedicated mixtape).  My favorite video of Bernarr’s is his rendition of Badu’s “The Hump,” (one of my favorite songs of all time), done with great enthusiasm and entertainment only Bernarr can do.

Tiara Thomas stumbled across my Youtube about 3 years ago, and I haven’t let her go since.  Her talent developed with exposure in the DMV, working alongside Wale and her popular rendition’s and remixes of Drake, (like “Say Something”).  Now, she’s signed to The Board Administration and is steady making her way towards the charts, where she belongs.

Others who caught my eye a while back were Dondria (also known as Phat Phat) as well as Priscilla Renae.  Although both received record deals, I haven’t heard much from them lately.  And that could be due to several reasons.  Possibly, the fact that they no longer Youtube regularly makes it appear to their fans that they’ve dropped completely off the Earth.  Possibly, they could be in the works of releasing material, in the studio.  But like many artists, it could also be that they have yet been able to obtain the exposure their voices has the ability to command.  It’s all a dream until you’re on the phone with one of most influential music executives alive; but it’s still not a dream when it slips out of your hands.

For comedians, though, I think the road may be a bit easier.  I only have one that I was personally a fan of–who “made it”– and another who I’m hoping to see on the big and small screen some day as well.  For one– Fred.  I have no idea how I got into Fred but he ended up as one of my subscriptions and favorite Youtubers.  Fred has his own… unique style.  And likes to relieve stress through comedy with a high-pitched voice.  (It’s not nice to judge!)  I be-friended him in 2008, and hadn’t paid much attention to my subscriptions since 2009.  So when I turned my television to Nickelodeon in 2012, I was beyond surprised to see the same face I had grown to (secretly) love via Youtube.  Yup.  He has his own show now.

But a duo I’m personally rooting for is Phil and Emannual.  Their videos “Ratchet Girl Anthem” and  “Questions” are instant classics.  With an accumulation of over 17,000,000 views, they undoubtedly have an audience.  Their personalities shine, and it’s beyond apparent that they are truly talented, not just living out some fantasy… (you’ll have to watch the videos to understand that one).

The switch from Youtube to Television isn’t easy.  Although I liked Fred’s Youtube videos, his show is unbearable for me to watch.  Given… I’m now a grown woman, and his audience has remained the same, if not lowered in age.  Still, with artists, the transition is easier if the essence of their music, integrity, and personality stays in tact.

But the most important lesson here, is that no matter what, you are the ultimate vision of your dream.  If you want it, start it.  Sometimes it only takes a camera, a computer, and some skills.  If your dream is offered to you on a platter, just be sure it’s the meal you can look back at in the future and not only remember how delicious it was, but how healthy, too.  Make your moves with passion, and your decisions with smarts.

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