Facebook Makes “Donate Now” Feature Available For All Non-Profit Organizations

Facebook Makes “Donate Now” Feature Available For All Non-Profit Organizations

Facebook’s newest feature is a major stride in the nonprofit world and despite your feelings towards the social network, it’s hard to stick your nose up at this one.

Facebook recently announced the expansion of their “Donate Now” feature that allows any nonprofit organization to add a “call-to-action” button to their Facebook ads and to their Facebook page to allow people to easily support your organization.

The leading social network first revealed the feature back in 2013, but at the time only 19 nonprofit organizations could add it to their pages. They vowed to allow more organizations to get in the mix soon after and today every organization that is registered as a nonprofit on Facebook will be able to add this feature.

The “Donate Now” feature has already proven to be successful in the past. Earlier this year, Huffington Post reported that Facebook users donated a total of $15 million dollars via the Donate Now feature to Nepal after the devastating earthquake struck and Facebook even matched the donations. That alone shows how vital this feature is.

Now, every nonprofit has the ability to secure money donations directly through Facebook, which should make a major difference in nonprofit efforts in the future. Kudos, Facebook!

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facebook donate now

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