Dr. Jewel Tankard is Empowering & Educating the People with “The Jewel Tankard Show”

Dr. Jewel Tankard is Empowering & Educating the People with “The Jewel Tankard Show”

When it comes to the media that we consume, it is important for us to have an inspiring and influential voice to tune into. Dr. Jewel Tankard embodies the spirit of a leader as she educates and empowers people from all walks of life to take charge of their lives with faith in the forefront of it all. With her genuine message that “You can have it all,” Tankard was able to create a show that impacts every audience that experiences it. 


The Jewel Tankard show has hosted many of our favorite celebrities from Dr. Heavenly Kimes of Bravo TV’s “Married to Medicine” to David and Tamela Mann from Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.” Bringing her empowering program to her hometown of Detroit, MI for a live taping, we were able to catch up with Tankard and explore the world of the reality star and economist as well as the minds of her guests. The 2-day production was filmed in the heart of the city and featured special guests like award-winning Gospel musician Kierra Sheard and cryptocurrency expert Nick Gomez.


What was the inspiration behind today’s show?

Jewel: “I want people to know that they can have it all. I want people to know that with the right mentorship and the right training along with the vision and the belief in your ability to have it, you really can have it all.”

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You tackle many strong topics on your show, from faith to finances, how do you prepare to present these topics to crowds?

Jewel: “Usually I invite guests that inspire me or that I admire or respect. People that I think are doing amazing things and I want them to have exposure. Sometimes they are celebrities, sometimes they are up and coming, or sometimes people don’t know them and need to know them. I usually choose my own guests and then it’s based on something that I saw or heard that inspired me to say, “I want them.” Then I’ll tell my amazing team. They’ll do their research and find things that are really cool that definitely need to be brought up when I’m talking to the guest. Sometimes the team will pick the guest and we’ll collaborate on questions and topics that we want to get into.”

What are some of the challenges you face in your field and how do you combat them?

Jewel: “Coordinating people’s schedules and getting people here. I just did a conference with Iyanla Vanzant, whose an amazing speaker, and we did some stuff together in Louisiana. But now I’ve got to get her to Detroit or I might end up going to see her. So the biggest challenge is usually coordinating. People are usually down, but I’m thinking, “When am I going to be in Detroit again or do we want to go to them and shoot where they are?”

What sort of people do you like to collaborate with on projects?

Jewel: “Anybody that’s making tremendous financial and social impact. Those are the people that I want to talk to. I want to talk to the people that are serious about their bag and also serious about helping other people. I love talking to those kind of people because they are out-of-the-box thinkers, they are selfless, and they really want to make real change.”

What advice do you have for young people who want to learn more about financial literacy, but don’t know what route to take?

Jewel: “Stay hungry first of all. Don’t allow struggle, lack of resources, lack of finances, or maybe even unbelief from your parents impact you. Stay hungry and say, “I’m going to become wealthy. Get on YouTube and search for other people. You can look up things like “Millionaire Mentors” or “Millionaire Teachers.” Find a way to get into those people’s conferences or online courses. Really get hungry for it because the reality is that school, whether it be middle school, high school, or college, doesn’t teach you how to be wealthy. You’ve gotta go after that yourself. You’ve gotta make sure you hang around people that want that because hanging around people that are just willing to have normal schedules and normal lives won’t provoke you to say, “Okay, I’m going to do something different.” You’ve gotta get around people that make you want to just straighten your back up and do more.”


“Not just people that say they’re bosses because everybody wants to be a boss. I want to see your work ethic. What time do you get up in the morning? Where are you putting your time and energy? If you’re telling me you want to do this, but you’re partying all the time, then what you’re saying and the actions presented aren’t going to get you the result. I really like to be around people who are result-oriented and I can actually see it in their life.”

When people experience Jewel Tankard’s show live, what do you hope they take away from it?

Jewel: “That they can have it all. They can have whatever they set their minds to. Not what their parents told them or their friends told them, but what they desire. The Bible says, “Whatever may thinketh in his heart, he becomes.” It doesn’t say what your mom thinks about you. What do you think about you? That’s why the biggest thing a person can do is work on their self-esteem and confidence. I do personal development everyday because I’m constantly working on myself to become bolder and more courageous. Those things don’t just happen so you have to be intentional about them.”

Where would you say the idea of your saying, “You can have it all,” comes from?

Jewel: “The Bible. The Bible says it. God actually said, in his word, that we were co-creators. Jesus came on earth as a demonstrator of God in the flesh. He was our big brother that we were able to look to. All the stuff that he did. The superpowers that he has. We have those super powers, but most of us just don’t tap into them. Everybody has a genius and brilliance, but you just may not know what it is yet, but once you find it, you’ll rock it.”


This holiday season, Tankard has partnered with Human I-T and Impact Network to conduct “The Jewel Tankard Foundation’s Tech For Teens Giveaway,” which will provide teenagers of both Detroit and Middle Tennessee with free technology items for school. As Tankard is a huge advocate for innovation, she hopes to equip more students with the tools they need to succeed as many have to go to school without them.

For more information and to support “The Jewel Tankard Foundation’s Tech For Teens Giveaway,” visit http://jeweltankardfoundation.org/

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