Dianna Williams Talks Life-Changing Atlanta Move & Balancing Life As An Entrepreneur and Mom: Upcoming Book, “Bring It!,” & More!

Dianna Williams Talks Life-Changing Atlanta Move & Balancing Life As An Entrepreneur and Mom: Upcoming Book, “Bring It!,” & More!

Combining her strong faith and mindset with a genuine passion for empowering the next generation, Dianna Williams is continuing to make her mark on the world as an inspirational leader for the youth of both today and tomorrow. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and author, Williams coaches the Dancing Dolls, operates three Dollhouse Dance studios, runs her nonprofit foundation, and has a new collection of emojis. As she has consistently strengthened as a businesswoman and individual through her journey, Williams has not only become a professional that the youth can look up to in a multitude of ways, but a living example of someone that empowers others in every move they make and word they state.

While Williams may make being a successful entrepreneur look as easy as she makes it look to do a death drop on the dance floor, it is important to not be fooled as both require much work, dedication, time, and practice in order to be executed as well as Williams does. Oftentimes, business can be quite demanding and spiratic for Williams, but she still makes it mandatory to try and find time for her loved ones in the midst of it all.


“It’s hard, I won’t lie. Some days I find myself more focused on the dollhouse than I am the dolls. Some days I’m more focused on the dolls than on my family. It’s a difficult balance, but since I’ve moved to Atlanta, what I’ve tried to do is set aside time during the day for us, because my son is in school. When my son gets out of school, I try to spend a few hours with him after school. Then I go to the dollhouse to spend time with the dollhouse kids and then after that it’s dance practice. I find time with family and friends on the weekends, but sometimes I’m on a blurred line. Somethings run into the other. I could be out with friends and we could end up coming up with an idea that we think would be great for the dolls and now it has turned from a fun night out to us drawing a business plan for a new opportunity on one of the restaurant napkins. It just kind of happens like that. I utilize what I do as a dance coach as life lessons for him to teach him about adversity, building character, fighting for what you want, and not giving up. I always blur the lines and trying to seperate it is difficult because I am who I am.”

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Williams, also known as Coach “D” on Lifetime’s hit show “Bring It!,” does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon as she continues to coach the Dancing Dolls, has another book on the way, and is a full-time mother and wife. Viewers of Lifetime’s hit show “Bring It!” are more than familiar with Williams as the program provides an inside look at Williams experience in Coach “D” mode as she is coaching and travelling with the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, Mississippi. As DD4L has made a major impact upon the dance community, Williams wants to meet the needs of inner-city youth across the United States by instructing others, through DD4L’s brand, who are interested in learning about the majorette style.


“I would love to see the dancing dolls literally seeded in every state across the United States. We have so many people that want to dance. They want to learn the culture and the style of what majorette dancing is and having an organization like mine deep-rooted in every single state is important. I think it would be a great expansion of the brand. I would also love to see our majorette coaches be more educated in how to run a dance team, how to run a business, and how to have successful dance studios, especially with the dance style that we have.”

“Because “Bring It!” and the dancing dolls made the majorette dance style so vastly popular, the teams are kind of sprouting up everywhere and they’re not as organized as they should be. So having the dancing dolls brand expand to different states and then also having an educational service or system set in place for our majorette coaches I think would be essential.”


As a viewer of her journey, it is not shocking to wonder, “How does Dianna do it?” After all, Williams does embody the spirit of a strong, driven, and determined entrepreneur, which peaks our curiosity regarding how she juggles different responsibilities while catering to her personal life. Finding balance between being an entrepreneur and caring for family is essential for Williams and definitely serves as the glue for holding things together between her life and career. Welcoming a change of scenery in her life has also given Williams a new perspective and fresh encouragement as she was able to later find a new balance.


“I swear moving to Atlanta has been an epiphany for me as a woman. I have so much courage now. You have no idea. I would’ve never thought that moving to a completely different state and city would make you feel so damn free to let it out. And I didn’t feel that when I was in the midst of filming “Bring It!” Now that I’m not filming at the moment and I’m able to just create and talk and just be, it’s all just coming out.”

“Moving to Atlanta, I had to learn to find a balance because I found myself losing myself in “Bring It!” and losing the love that I had for Dianna. Since I’ve been here, it’s been easier for me to say, “Okay Dianna, stop. You need to find a moment, breathe, and start to balance things out because your son is not 5-years-old anymore. “Sesame Street” is only going to get him so far without you being around. You have to focus. Working mothers, especially single moms, go through this all the time. I have to shout out every single mom in the world because this is a hard job to do even as a mom that has her husband and a whole crew of people behind her.”

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After moving to Atlanta from Jackson, Williams was able to do more than just find herself again, but was also able to strike a nerve that encouraged her to further expand upon herself by sharing her story. Since her move, Williams has released her book “Standing in the Shade,” which is the first time that the entrepreneur has openly shared her story. Serving as an official introduction to Williams, “Standing in the Shade” allows readers to truly meet Williams and dive into her younger days as she admits that “Bring It!” has never fully portrayed her story.


“When I moved to Atlanta is when I got the balls to actually speak up and talk about me. For so long, being on the t.v. show, I never felt like my life was my own. I always felt like I had to live for those kids, live for the studio, and live to inspire everyone else’s world, but I never really talked about me. “Bring It!” only showed a snippet of my life, but it’s never just talked about. I never got a chance to really explain what happened when I was a kid and why I had to do what I did when I was growing up, why those things happened, or why I am the way that I am. When I moved to Atlanta and we finally stopped filming, I got a break and I set back and looked at my life. I said, “Dianna, it’s time.” My best friend that I’ve been friends with for over twenty years always says, “You are the author of your own story. You hold the pen. Stop allowing people to tell your truth for you. Nobody knows you but you.” It’s time to speak up and be honest so that people that may have gone through what you have gone through growing up or have had the same experiences can now have the confidence and courage to speak up and say, “Hey, this is my life.” My life is not rainbows and unicorns. It took a lot for me to get where I am and I’ve gone through a lot growing up. That book literally says it all.”


Williams even has plans to make “Standing in the Shade” the first part of a 3-part book series based upon her life up to her time on “Bring It!” Set to hit shelves in January of 2020, the second part in the series will build upon the continuity of the series and introduce us to a new chapter in Williams’ life where she has evolved from who we met in the first book. The overall experience Williams has received from writing and releasing her own book is something that she is certainly appreciative of as well as inspiring to the fortunate people surrounding the author.


“The second part of the book is coming out at the beginning of the year because “Standing in the Shade” is like one-third of my life. There are so many pieces in the next two sections. It’s going to be re-released as one complete book with all three sections together. The second section talks about my teenage years through college and the third section talks about the start of “Bring It!” up to where I am now. There’s a lot of things in the book that will blow people’s minds and they will not really fathom what I went through because “Bring It!” didn’t care about that. “Bring It!” only did what they needed to do for the dancing dolls and their t.v. show. They showed some parts of my life, but not enough to really understand what kind of person I am. I’m not always hardcore and coaching.”

“With that book, Jesus gave me the opportunity to be me and to be vulnerable. It’s okay to have flaws and share it with the world. They gone talk about you anyway. I look on social media and I get comments from clowns everyday that say some of the meanest things and these people have never met me. All they know is what they see on t.v. and because you don’t know me, it’s easy to pass judgement. I always remind myself, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” We are all made in the image of Jesus Christ himself. So that means that if you’re looking at me and you’re picking apart any part of me, then that means that you’re picking apart Jesus because I’m made in his image. I had to remind myself that no matter what it is or what I’m going through, I’m not the only person going through it, I’m not perfect, and It’s okay. I had to learn to deal with that. That book gave me the courage to let it all hang out and whoever didn’t care, oh well.”


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    May 14, 2021

    Hi Coach Dianna I need you to do me a favor I need you to come to North Carolina I need to come to the Charlotte area we have a Alot of young black young ladies that love to dance and my daughter is one of them and she loves your show actually were watching it as we speak right now just think about the North Carolina area

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