DeRay McKesson is Running For Mayor of Baltimore

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DeRay McKesson is Running For Mayor of Baltimore

It’s an election year for the city of Baltimore and with the primary elections right around the corner, activist DeRay McKesson has announced that he will run for major.

The Baltimore Sun reports in a surprise move McKesson filed his application to run for major before the deadline, which was tonight (February 3) at 9 p.m.

McKesson, who has been instrumental in the #BlackLivesMatter movement over the past year, released a statement to the New York Times regarding his decision to run, revealing his platform is based on challenging the normal order of governing in the city. More of the statement can be read below.

“We cannot rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk that path. We have to challenge the practices that have not and will not lead to transformation.”


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