Company Offers Children Pole Dancing Classes

Company Offers Children Pole Dancing Classes

In blank stare news a Canadian dance company is offering pole dancing classes for children. Yes you read correct pole dancing classes for children.

The company feels as if they’re not promoting the sexual side of pole dancing but encouraging the fact that children love to climb. So far 3 girls and a boy have registered for the class.

This is probably the worst idea I’ve seen for children ever. Maybe the intent was good but come on when the average American thinks of pole dancing classes what do they think of? Strippers. So is that the image you want to have your child portray that of a exotic dancer? Do you want your child learning tricks on a pole? Out of all the extracurricular activities you give your child pole dancing? A class that I’ve seen my peers take. This is just a sad attempt to make money by exploiting children.

As innocent as the classes may seem would you let your child attend a class like this? Do you want them somewhere down the line reverting back to the classes you had them attend? Are you giving your kids a proper mindset by having them attend these classes?


  • DJ
    September 12, 2012

    Seems to me that 3 girls and 1 boys parents disagree with you. How about you worry about yourself and your life rather than something that has absolutely nothing to do with you? You are what’s wrong with America!

    • Arif
      September 12, 2012

      Saying “You are what’s wrong with America” is something that is wrong with America.

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