Update: University Of Missouri, President Tim Wolfe Resigns

Update: University Of Missouri, President Tim Wolfe Resigns

UPDATE: According to Yahoo Sports, the president of the University of Missouri, Tim Wolfe has announced his resignition on Monday, November 9th. This comes after Wolfe’s handling of race complaints that had threatened to the university, the football team, and even one student who had gone on a hunger strike.

Racism is everywhere, but for University of Missouri students, enough is enough.

Tim Wolfe is UM’s president, who the student body is trying to get removed from office. Why the huge stand against administration? The main reason being of his lack of discipline given to students who constantly use racial slurs. Not to mention the smeared feces of a swastika on a dorm building wall.

Besides the 2,300 signature the activists have drum up, the football team has decided to boycott every game until Wolfe is no longer president.


So far, he has written a statement about how he will deal with the “complex matters” of the university.

Let’s see how the rest of this courageous story plays out.

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