Civil’s Look of the Day: London Girl

Civil’s Look of the Day: London Girl

As London and Paris Fashion Week have wrapped up, we here at Live Civil decided to dedicate today’s look of the day to our girls across the globe. The “London Girl” look is a very edgy and comfortable look.

The look  features  an Eiffel Tower print sweater dress, studded combat boots and sunglasses.  The dress comes from the UK brand “River Island,” which singer Rihanna recently collaborated with. The sunglasses featured in this look have circle lens to give the look an artistic/retro feel. Singer Beyonce is a known supporter of the circle sunglasses, as she has been spotting on various occasions wearing a pair.


The items featured in this post is as follows:

River Island Beige gradated Paris Jumper Dress

Lipstik Choppa

Retro Circle Sunglasses

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