Civil’s Look of the Day: Blue Leopard

Civil’s Look of the Day: Blue Leopard

“Blue Leopard” is a trendy and bold  fall look for you fashionistas!  The look features a long sleeve denim top paired with a mid-length skater skirt. The look is accessorized with a Chanel brooch and quilted purse. To add a touch of spice to the look, I added a pair of  leopard pumps.

live civil blue leopard


The items featured in “Blue Leopard,” is as follows:

Denim Top

Leather Skirt

Leopard Pumps


brooch (sold out)

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  • weezy
    October 30, 2013

    this skirt is everything!! i love your post!!

  • Jacquelyn
    October 31, 2013

    Can you say inspired! I took this whole look and recreated it to match my pockets…lol! I love it!

    • Shannen
      February 13, 2014

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