Civil’s Accessory Trend: Abenaa Gold Plated Name Plates

Civil’s Accessory Trend: Abenaa Gold Plated Name Plates

Fall 2014 is here and while most fashionistas are stocking their closets with season’s clothing trends, one should not  forget about their accessories!

Yes ACCESSORIES! Essentially, accessories are  a vital piece of one’s outfit, because they can make or break the look.

When choosing accessories it is important to first visualize your look. If one’s outfit is made up of all solids and plain colors, it is okay to go all out with loud accessories that pop. If your look is heavy with colors and patterns, one may want to opt for a simple plain color accessories with little to no detail.

If you are  unsure of what accessory to choose,  gold plated name plates are on trend and the perfect accessory to any plain or  over the top look. Gold plated necklaces gives a chic, yet sophisticated appeal.

If you are looking for the perfect gold name plate, I came across Abenaa’s customize name plates. The company offers consumers the option of purchasing customized English inscribed  name plates or customized Arbabic inscribed name plates. The name plates are described as  “18K GOLD PLATED CHAIN LENGTH 40CM+4CM ADJUSTMENT. “

One can get the customer pieces from : Abenaa’s Jewels



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