Civil Fitness: Workout in the Winter Tips

Civil Fitness: Workout in the Winter Tips

Be honest how many times have you said you were going to start working out and never even attempted to put your gym outfit on? I can at least count 3 times that I said that I was going to go to the gym and never made it within the last week!

Exercising on a regular basis can be exhausting especially if your more of an after-work gym attendee. After 5pm your motivation level may drop drastically after finally hitting your couch or bed, but don’t allow yourself to give up so fast! Stop letting another Monday pass you by! Trust me you got this!
Working out is a huge commitment and sometimes we need an extra push to get our gears going. This article will hopefully motivate you into wanting to start your fitness journey or it may be the push you need to keep going. Try a few of these easy tricks as a way to help you get motivated and stay motivated!

1. Find a Gym Buddy.

Theres nothing like bestie bonding time! Make each other your motivation! Having a partner will force you to get up and go workout whether you like it or not.  Find someone with common goals like yourself and start a routine today. Instagram is filled with tons of workout videos just by typing in #workouts, #partnerworkouts or simply by following fitness pages that sparks your interest the most.
Today gyms are becoming more affordable for people to bring a partner. For example, at Planet Fitness you can start as low as a $1 or even sometimes .25 cents !!!!!! Try opening a black card membership which would run you about $20 a month and both you and your partner can split the cost. That’s only $10 a month!! What are you waiting on? However, if you don’t have a gym that’s no problem! You are in for a special treat ! At the end of this article you can watch my at home HIIT workout that you can do anywhere!

2. When You Look Good, You Feel Good !

The saying is true! A lot of the times we invest in clothing for going out what about clothing for the gym? Invest in comfortable yet stylish gym wear. Shopping for materials such as dry fit is worth it as most of us tend to sweat a lot while working out. Another material to shop for is spandex which also is great for stretching, deep squats, box jumps or etc. Last, when shopping for a sneakers don’t feel afraid to jump up and down a few times to see how you will feel doing physical activities in them.
Trust me those bestie gym check in photos will be so worth it as you start to see yourself getting closer and closer to your goals!!!!! Remember taking before and after pictures are great for motivation as well! So the next mall trip you take don’t be afraid to focus on what you Tuesday workout out will be.

3. You Have To See It To Believe It!

Start your fitness journey by visualizing your end goal. Set three different goals by starting with your short time goals, your long term goals, and your ultimate goals! I think a couple of you can agree with me when I say my ultimate goal is a J-LO body when I get to my late 40s.  TALK ABOUT BODY GOALS!!!  
See yourself in your ultimate goal at all times and remember every day counts. Never cheat yourself, you are the worst person to let down. Working out is major when it comes to your fitness journey but so is your diet! 
Remember nutrition is 80% and physical activity is 20% when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. What you eat now will have a long term effect on your all of goals especially your ultimate goal one so remember every Quarter Pounder has an effect!

4. Hire a Certified Personal Trainer

Whether you have a preference on who you train with either male or female there are a lot of personal trainers especially nowadays like me! Shop around find the right price for you remember we are not here to break your pockets but to ensure you are a happy client and also a progressing client! Make sure to be very clear with what your goals are that way you both are on one track. Having a professional trainer with you will help ensure you use proper form and technique as a way to be effective with each exercise as a way to prevent injury. There’s nothing wrong with a little help from time to time!

5. For the Love of Fitness

Stay motivated remember your body will thank you later! Make healthy habits a lifestyle! Just by eating the right foods such as salads and fruits will make you more motivated to want to workout. So get up, put on your favorite gym outfit, call your workout buddy or trainer and keep your ultimate goal in mind!
YOU GOT THIS !!!! Watch this 1 minute exercise video with exercises such as planks, reverse lunges , fire hydrants and more! Try each exercise for 45 seconds 3 times each !

Guest Contributor: Noel Davis

Instagram: @ParisFit

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