Boxing In The Competition: The First Women’s Olympic Team

Boxing In The Competition: The First Women’s Olympic Team

Historical feats are happening everyday.  This month, it belongs to the feat of women boxers.  After longing for the opportunity to compete for an Olympic medal since 1902, 110 years later, they meet their chance.  In this summer’s 2012 Olympics, the only category that’s been deprived of women representation is finally stepping up.  Women all around the country have been competing since Monday for the rare one-in-three spot.

Some issues that have halted some of the participants is the newly constructed weight regulations, which are different from the state.  Some women decided to give up on it all together, but some were able to lose or gain the appropriate weight for the challenge.  This new clause for the competition can prove to add more stress than the women are used to in concern with weight range, but I guess you can only conquer once issue at a time.

Below, Tyriesha Douglas of Baltimore, one of the top contestants as of Wednesday’s results, explains her inspiring story and why this opportunity is so important to her.

Secretly, I’m wishing Laila Ali were still in the game… It’s a bit amazing that we’re still overcoming gender inequalities in the day and ago of advanced technology.  But the inspiration is relevant either way.  Will you check out the Olympics this year for this historic event?

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