#BlackLivesMatter: 28-Year Old Sandra Bland Tragically Dies In Police Custody

sandra bland

#BlackLivesMatter: 28-Year Old Sandra Bland Tragically Dies In Police Custody

When will it end?

28-year old Sandra Bland was traveling from her hometown of Naperville, Illinois to Texas to start a new job at Prairie View A&M, her alma mater. Things took a life-changing turn when Ms. Bland was stopped by police right out front of the campus for allegedly failing to signal while changing lanes, a petty traffic violation. The police claim that during the stop, Sandra was “combative” and because of that, they threw her to the ground, arrested her and charged her with “assault on a public servant.”

That’s when things took a turn for the worst.

A few days after the arrest, before her family could bail her out, Sandra Bland was tragically found dead inside her cell. Police claim she died from “self-inflicted asphyxiation,” which her friends and family and friends say is impossible. “I do suspect foul play,” Cheryl Nanton, a friend of Sandra, told ABC 7. “I believe that we are all 100 percent in belief that she did not do harm to herself.”

Video obtained by ABC 7 of Bland’s arrest has a lot of us wondering, “where was the combative behavior?” It appears that Sandra didn’t resist or anything of the nature. As a result, Ms. Bland is dead and it all falls at the hands of the police.

To be fair, we won’t make any assumptions on what definitely happened, but we’re in the majority of those who have a lot of questions.

Rest in Peace Sandra.


  • Nina
    July 16, 2015

    After watching the video and reading the article, it’s not conclusive as to what happened. If that was HER talking throughout the video, then yes it does sound like she was infact combative. I’m black and I know what to do when pulled over. “Yes sir, no sir” “Yes, Ma’am, No Ma’am”. It’s better to accept a ticket (even if you did nothing wrong) than argue and make the officer believe that you’re resisting cooperating. The biggest thing I want to say to my brothers and sisters out there is just TALK to the police. Stay calm. Even if you can tell an officer is trying to get under your skin or being an a**hole. Losing your cool will always make things worse.

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