Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn M. McCarrel II Commits Suicide

Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn M. McCarrel II Commits Suicide

MarShawn M. McCarrel II, one of the leading activist Black Lives Matter movement, shot himself outside the capitol’s entrance in Columbus, Ohio close to 6 p.m. on Tuesday February, 9, 2016, the Washington Post reports.

“My Demons won today. I’m sorry,” were the last words Marshawn McCarrel posted on his Facebook page, Monday afternoon. The devastated family stated that his work was emotionally draining and may have had a bad effect on him. Evidently, this happened to be the heartrending case.

His last tweet read: “Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before I left.” Several hours later, his body was found near the Statehouse, where nobody witnessed the act. Leatha Wellington, his mother, and twin brother, Marquan, later expressed to the dispatch that he put his causes before himself and the never-ending, disturbing nature of his activism left him physically and mentally exhausted in ways they didn’t realize.

McCarrel was all about the Black Lives Matter movement, having assisted in the organization of numerous protests in Ohio, after unarmed teenager, Michael Brown was killed by a Missouri officer in 2014. In addition, he founded Pursuing Our Dreams, a youth mentorship program which begun the Feed the Streets project to help the homeless in Ohio.

“All everyone needs is love. That’s a Human Being. That’s a pulse. We’re feeding everyone, we’re sending the message – Today I got you; tomorrow, I could be right there,” words by Marshawn McCarrel to 614 Columbus, back in 2014 regarding Feed the Streets.

His life mattered. Prayers and love go out to the family and friends of Marshawn McCarrel and may his soul rest peacefully.

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