Black History Month Appreciation (Day 23): Chris Rock

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Black History Month Appreciation (Day 23): Chris Rock

Whether you believe that he should host the Oscars on Sunday or not, one thing there is no argument over is the history that Chris Rock has created. As we’re nearing the end of our #LiveCivilBHM series, it would only be right to show love to Chris before his big performance this upcoming weekend.

Walking into our lives as a comedian, Rock rose through the ranks of comedians and has given us some of the best stand-up routines ever, some of which available in his highly successful HBO Specials.

Beyond his routines to provide the crowd with endless laughs, Rock is an accomplished actor, ranging back to his first role in Beverly Hills Cop II and his classic New Jack City persona Pookie, all the way up to one of his latest efforts as Andre Allen in Top Five. In between you can find Rock in a numerous amount of films where he is seen on screen or provides his voice to a character.

Rock’s work also took over the silver screen as he was a cast member on both Saturday Night Live and In Living Color, was the host of his own The Chris Rock Show, the creative force behind the hilarious Everybody Hates Chris and appeared on many sitcoms while being the host of just about any major award show you can name. There isn’t much Chris hasn’t accomplished in his career.

With all of his work, Rock has been a key figure in black entertainment for years past and many to come. The entertainment world needs Chris, so for that we say thanks and Happy Black History Month!

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