Balling For Charity: A Man Buys Out Kmart and Gives it All Away

Balling For Charity: A Man Buys Out Kmart and Gives it All Away

Rankin Paynter walked into his local Kmart two days before its scheduled day of closing, and bought everything in sight.  Spending over $200,000 for the remainder of the inventory, he wiped the store clean before it shut down for good.  With everything in tow from clothes to office supplies.

As the largest donation ever received in the county, Paynter thanked his cashier for the encouragement.  On a regular trip to Kmart to purchase office supplies for his job, he asked the cashier what the store planned on doing with the remaining inventory, to which he was answered it would all go to Kmart power buyers.

Paytner became a power buyer and bought out the entire store.  It took all of six hours and four available cash registers. But what motivated the charity?

“To be honest with you, I could have made $30,000-$40,000 on it,” he said. Paynter has seen a lot of economic suffering at his jewelry exchange. “What I see is people coming in my store, needy people sell their stuff,” Paynter said. “It’s bad nowadays. I just told (the clerk) let’s just give it away to charity.” — Yahoo

Paytner admitted to knowing what it was like growing up with little to nothing:

Paynter is a successful businessman, but he had a rough time when he was growing up. “It was hard sometimes,” Paynter said. “Tied rags around my feet sometimes too. I only had summer slippers.”

Clarke County Community Services said it would be the first year they would have enough hats and gloves for all the children in Operation Happiness.

A tiny thought can go a long way.

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