Angela Bassett Takes a Stand for Aging Awareness

Angela Bassett Takes a Stand for Aging Awareness

Angela Bassett is an award winning actress known for playing phenomenal roles. However, one of the most important ones to her was being a caretaker to her mother and mother-in-law.

The difficult decisions and expenses that cost Angela and her family to make was pivotal in her partnership with Genoworth Insurance Company. As the official spokesperson for the company, her goal is to bring awareness to the importance of proper elder care with graceful aging being the top priority. Thus launching her #LetTalkTour.

Although having a conversation like this is not an easy one, Angela explained,

“It really is about – not selling anything to anybody – but really just taking the first step to plan for the future by having a conversation, and sometimes a conversation about aging and age is a difficult one.”

They are making a point to approach factors that go into assisted living vs. at-home care, Medicare/Medicaid, and other financial choices.

Good luck in your movement, Angela. We hope everyone embraces your motto of “grace, dignity and try to find the beauty in any moment.”

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