Live Civil. What actually does it mean? And why did I decide to cater an entire website around it?


Over the course of the past three years, I have seen my life change drastically for the better. Chances have been taken, opportunities granted and because of such, I find myself in a position where some of my biggest dreams are in arms reach. Not to sound overly preachy or too “you-can-do-too-ish,” one thing I have been blessed with has been the ability to see the positive in situations. T.I. said it best awhile back, “Life ain’t always a dream and horrible sh*t happens.” Such is true, but when taken full advantage of, life is the most beautiful gift in the world and positive thoughts, actions and vibes can pay dividends.


LivingCivil.com actually started from a series of tweets I put a hashtag. And based on the overwhelming feedback from them, I figured it would be best to have one centralized location to express my thoughts in more than 140 characters. Here at LC.com, one will be able to find those positive affirmations daily as well as career advice tips from myself. Not the normal tips you read everywhere on the Internet, but suggestions that I actually embarked on first and saw them work before my eyes. Nothing I say is is nothing I haven’t done or believe in myself. This site is built on 100% positivity. Why? Because if you feel positive, you move positive. And if you move positive, you produce positive.

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