A Case For Smudging Your Workspace At Home

A Case For Smudging Your Workspace At Home

It’s Women’s History Month!

I know you’re feeling charged up and inspired to make some big moves in your professional life. With the majority of us working from home these days, it’s more important than ever to make sure that the energy of your workspace supports your goals. I suggest Smudging your home every so often to clear stagnant energy and/or remove negative energy, especially your workspace.



Smudging is an ancient Indigenous method of burning certain materials (typically herbs) while allowing the smoke to purify the area. The frequency in which you should smudge is up to you, your needs, and the method that resonates with you the most. 



Palo Santo is a favorite of mine that I love to light as soon as I enter my office. It helps me to change my state and keep me in the right vibe. Palo Santo means, “Holy Wood” and is used for keeping bad spirits at bay while cleansing. As a Spiritual Practioner, it’s part of my daily routine due to the nature of my work. Kiss negative energy goodbye! The fresh smoke helps you to feel calm and relaxed while you work. It’s also said to help spark creativity.



You’ve likely heard of “Saging” and maybe most familiar with White Sage. Open the door and windows, making sure to set an intention for what you need the sage to do on your behalf. Safely light it and walk slowly around the area that you’re cleansing as you hold it away from your body. I love to say a prayer while roaming my space, or say mantras out loud as I’m doing this. Typically there’s no need to Sage daily however, some key times are:

  • After visitors have left your home
  • If you’ve had an emotional day
  • New Moons
  • Full Moons


I also recommend saging objects. For example, let’s say you love thrifting or purchasing pre-loved designer bags – sage them before you begin using them.



I understand that some of you may have adverse reactions to smoke, or maybe want to Smudge spaces where you can’t light things on fire. There’s an array of Smudge Mists available that provide you with the same benefits. I love them for traveling so that I can clear the energy of the hotel rooms and homes that I sleep in. They’re also perfect for misting your cubicle if you’re not working from home – we know how the office can be. I even use them in my car. They’re great for visiting family around The Holidays to help you to protect your energy.



Do You Smudge Your Workspace? What’s Your Favorite Tool To Use?

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