7 Black-Owned Candle Companies You Need To Know

7 Black-Owned Candle Companies You Need To Know


Let’s be honest with ourselves, buying candles is a must all year round, but there’s something about the fall that hits differently. With summer coming to an end and 2020 being quite a year its only right to get lit on candles. While many of us are so used to running into major retail stores for those vanilla scented candles pause for a moment and think BLACK! 


Black-owned businesses spill into nearly every industry and why not do the same with candles? 


Recently, Beauty Guru and YouTube maven, Jackie Aina, released her very own line of candles properly named FORVR Mood. Needless to say, we’ve all been shooketh since the news dropped. Once the word spread support has been overflowing for the founder. 


It was only right to step in and shed light on other black-owned candle companies that have been filling homes around the globe with smell goods and love. Each of these companies (in no particular order) are founded by black women across the country in cities like Los Angeles, Brooklyn, NOLA, and Atlanta. Fans and supporters have said these scents provide warmth, relaxation, joy, and on some occasions even cravings. 


1122 Candles 


Looking for a candle that you can customize? 


Well, you have your answer with 1122 Candles. This company is located in Atlanta, Ga, and has quite a few people raving over their style and vibe. 


Where: Atlanta, GA 

Notable Candles: Purple Reign, Heaven Scent, and High Standards



Jackie Aina is coming for our edges yet again. The YouTube Beauty Guru is adding yet another slash behind her name with FORVR Mood founder. If you’re familiar with Aina then you already know everything about this brand from the name to the presentation literally screams Jackie. 


This line not only has the cutest names but sets a vibe that will entice anyone to lean in and capture an essence. 


Where: Los Angeles, CA

Notable Candles: Caked Up, Left On Read, and Cuffing Season


LIT Brooklyn 

Denequa Williams-Clarke has put her whole foot into these candles. 

Each candle is birthed personally from Wiliams-Clarke herself stemming to a key point in her life. She births the ideas and customers literally fall in love. Most importantly get them while you can a few are limited editions only. 


Where: Brooklyn, NY 

Notable Candles: 1989, Home, and Muse


Harlem Candle Company 

Who would ever think to capture the soul of the Harlem Renaissance in a candle? 


None other than the founder, Teri Johnson, that’s who! This luxury line and brand can literally compete and stand out next to any retail store brand without a doubt. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a candle to stand out, make a statement, or even send as a gift look no further. 


Where: New York 

Notable Candles: Love, Dream, and Lenox


The Scent Suite 

Everyone needs a little luxury in their lives and Scent Suite definitely does that. Keep in mind these go super fast and you’ll have to get them whileyou can. Stay on the lookout! 


Where: Atlanta, GA

Notable Candles: Golden Hour, Fall In Love, and Vinyl


Southern Elegance Candle Company 

Ever been to North Carolina? 


Well, take a piece of NC home with you whenever you purchase from this line. S.E.C. has a creative way of making any home smell like your a homemaker even if you’re a poser.  A few of us can relate to this. You know who told you first! 


Where: Raeford, NC 

Notable Candles: Charleston (Sweet Tea), Lexington (Apple & Bourbon), Orange Spice


Wicks NOLA Candle Company

We all can admit to know New Orleans is to love New Orleans!


Wicks NOLA does an amazing job in capturing every corner of the culture in their candle line. Supporters literally cannot get enough of it all whenever they purchase. 


Where: New Orleans, LA 

Notable Candles: No Justice, No Peace, Resilient, and French Quarter Beignet

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