5 Tips for Slaying Your Virtual Valentine’s Date

5 Tips for Slaying Your Virtual Valentine’s Date

With social distancing, mandatory masks, and COVID restrictions limiting pretty much everything we can do these days, Valentine’s Day is looking real different for so many of us. Fortunately, between Zoom, Google Meets, FaceTime, and Skype, there’s no excuse to not spend some time with your personal “turtle” or “nugget” this weekend. Whether it’s love during (temporary) lockdown or a long-distance lover, we’ve got you covered with 5 ways to take your Virtual Valentine’s date to the next level, #Civilian!


Go VaVaVoom…

If there was ever a time to turn the volume all the way up, it’s now! Your virtual date is really only going to see you from the waist up, so make the most of what you got. Play up the hair and makeup for your date. Go for big bouncy curls, or a natural up-do. For make-up, you don’t want to overwhelm or distract too much. Dark eyeshadow may not translate well on camera, especially if you’re using a computer webcam. Keep your eyeshadow neutral- go for matte nude or pink shades. If you’re into shimmer shadows, try gold or bronze tones.


Go for a pop of color on the lip, like a deep red or pink. If the conversation is as good as we hope, this is where most of his focus will be. So give him something to talk about. A matte or satin cream finish will keep you smudge, laugh and wine glass-proof, ensuring your lip doesn’t move all night.


Texture Over Print


You’ll probably want to dress up for your Valentine, and you absolutely should. The difference between a virtual date and an in-person date, besides not being able to use 3 out of 5 senses, is that they’re looking at an image of you taken by a less-than-4k lens, and displayed on a small or pixelated screen. One thing you don’t want to do is further distort the image with prints. Besides being distracting to the person on the other end, prints also demand more attention from the camera. It’s more to focus on, and can distort the picture. With you moving and the print moving… it’s just tew much, #Civilian.


Instead, choose texture over print. Play around with “sexier” fabrics like velvets, silks and lace. These will be much easier on camera, your date’s eye, and will also simulate a sensory experience. They won’t be able to touch you, but they sure will wish they could.


Accessorize Your Look 


When it comes to adding dimension to an otherwise flat look, accessories are your go-to… even if it’s only from the waist, up. Your jewelry and hair accessories are all opportunities to make an impression and can serve as conversation starters. Try a pair of festive earrings or an embellished headband. The diamond necklace your virtual Valentine got you for Christmas? Wear it! If there’s a hairstyle they love to see you rock, add gold clips or sparkling pins. Your date will love to see that you considered them, even from a distance.


Tell A Visual (Virtual) Story 


You want this night to be memorable, no matter how far your bandwidth stretches. Creating a visual story through fashion and beauty is a great way to give them something to remember. If accessorizing isn’t your thing, look for tops or dresses with details they’ll remember, like puff sleeves or lace-up plunges. This is also a great and easy way to add touches of femininity to your look.


You can also bring in sentimental pieces, like the dress you wore on your first date, or the top you were wearing when you first met. There’s romance in nostalgia, especially if it ties into your love story. If you’re a little more daring, you can incorporate lingerie into your look. Just remember, this isn’t a peep show- at least not before the wine. We’re still keeping it #Civil! Layer textures by adding a knit cardigan over your sheer or lace bodysuit or teddy.



Go For Color

Never did I hear a man say “she was looking so good in that nude dress.” Surprise, surprise…. men like color, especially on women! While reds and pinks are great choices and leave a great impression, don’t be afraid to venture out, #Civilian! Soft colors like yellow, ice blue, and lavender are great alternatives & non-distracting. They also look great on melanated skin tones and typically come across as inviting.
Now that you’ve got 5 ways to slay your virtual Valentine’s date, grab your wine glass, find a comfy spot and get your lighting right. It’s time to celebrate your love, and look great doing it.

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