5 Tips For Curing Dry, Winter Skin!

5 Tips For Curing Dry, Winter Skin!

During the winter months, it’s common for your skin to be more dry than normal because of the dry air!  Lack of moisture in our skin leads to a dull, ashy, and sometimes irritable face. To help you conquer the cooler months, we collaborated with LA Beautyologist to share some tips on how to glow during the winter!

  1. No Hot Showers- The hot water strips your skin from the natural oils that it needs.  Instead take 10 minute or less showers in warm water!
  2. Exfoliate- The winter air gets rid of all of your skins moisture so use chemical or manual exfoliates to get rid of the dead skin.  On your face use chemical peels only such as glycolic acid.
  3. Super moisturize- You need a thick shea based cream in the winter, instead of the lighter summer lotions.  And don’t forget…LATHER UP.
  4. Seal it-  Sometimes heavy moisturizers aren’t enough, so you may need to lock it in with an oil.  You can also mix oil into your current moisturizer.  For your body coconut oil and almond oil and for your face use jojoba, argan oil, and maracuja oil.
  5. Drench Yourself- Overnight masks allow the most time for your skin to soak up as much hydration as possible.  There’s also options for creams and masks that can be washed off in case you are worried about ruining your bedding!

BONUS: Use a humidifier to pump moisture into the drying air in your house.  If you aren’t able to, you can place a bowl of hot water next to your bed or get some house plants!


Guest Contributor

Nayamka Roberts-Smith is a licensed esthetician based in Beverly Hills that specializes in skin of color.  She uses her social media platforms to educate her followers with information rooted in science, on skincare trends, products, and myths.  She can be found on Instagram and twitter, on Youtube at TheGoldenRx  or herWebsite LABeautyologist.com

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