2021 New And Full Moon Manifesting Schedule

2021 New And Full Moon Manifesting Schedule

Welcome to 2021! Let’s chat about all things New and Full Moons, so that you can get your manifesting on with intention this year. Manifesting in Moon Cycles is an effective way to harness the planetary energy to your advantage. We have a New & Full Moon every single month. New Moons are the most powerful time of the Moon Cycle for making your desires clear and planting the seeds call them in. While Full Moons are best for harvest and releasing what doesn’t serve you.


Where most people go wrong here is that they work on manifesting something during the new moon and when the full moon happens two weeks later, they’re looking for things to have already come to fruition. However, I urge you to manifest with corresponding New and Full Moons. For example: If you are Calling in a particular thing during the Capricorn New Moon, you would then wait to see how things are blossoming around the Capricorn Full Moon six months later. Yes, you read that right – that’s six months or focus and dedication to your goal.


People tend to give up before their desires have a chance to even plant roots. This method requires you to learn patience and detachment, all while relying on your Faith.


Each New Moon carries special powers for specific areas of our lives. Tomorrow’s Capricorn New Moon is ideal for creating your vision board and setting your intentions. It supports career-related goals, success, and the discipline needed to fulfill your dreams.


So what does the new and full moon schedule look like for 2021? I’m glad you’re curious because I’ve got you covered.

2021 New And Full Moon Manifesting Schedule

photo credit: Mark Tegethoff


2021 New Moons


1/13 Capricorn New Moon @ 12:00 am eastern

2/11 Aquarius New Moon @ 2:05 pm eastern

3/13 Pisces New Moon @ 5:21am eastern

4/11 Aries New Moon @ 10;30pm eastern

5/11 Taurus New Moon @ 2:59pm eastern

6/10 Gemini New Moon @ 6:52pm eastern

7/9 Cancer New Moon @ 9:16pm eastern

8/8 Leo New Moon @ 9:49am eastern

9/6 Virgo New Moon @ 8:51pm eastern

10/6 Libra New Moon @ 7:05pm eastern

11/4 Scorpio New Moon @ 5:14pm eastern

12/4 Sagittarius New Moon @ 2:42am eastern


2021 Full Moons


1/28 Leo Full Moon @ 2:16pm eastern

2/27 Virgo Full Moon @ 3:17pm eastern

3/28 Libra Full Moon @ 2:48pm eastern

4/26 Scorpio Full Moon @ 11:31pm eastern

5/26 Sagittarius Full Moon @ 7:13am eastern

6/24 Capricorn Full Moon @ 2:39pm eastern

7/23 Aquarius Full Moon #1 @ 10:36pm eastern

8/22 Aquarius Full Moon #2 @ 8:01am eastern

9/20 Pisces Full Moon @ 7:54pm eastern

10/20 Aries Full Moon @ 10;56am eastern

11/19 Taurus Full Moon @ 3:57pm eastern

12/18 Gemini Full Moon @ 11:35pm



What Are You Intending To Manifest In 2021?



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