2 Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts For Manifesting With Ease

2 Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts For Manifesting With Ease

Can I let you in on one of my biggest manifesting secrets?


It’s gratitude!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful forms of emotion you can use to manifest your desires with ease. Being grateful for what you already have, makes you a magnet to receive even more.   This is an essential part of how I wind down during my nighttime routine. Science has proved that Gratitude Journaling helps you to increase your mental health, reduces stress, and even helps you to sleep better.


As we ease into the New Year, remember that you have a clean slate to create anything you want. You’re a powerful Being who can shift your circumstances with the snap of a finger. It’s important to remember, however, that if things don’t happen the way you originally planned, it’s for one of three reasons:


  1. You didn’t truly want what you asked for & that’s absolutely ok
  2. It wouldn’t be good for you, so you’re being protected and re-routed
  3. You didn’t get what you asked for because something better is on the way


Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, I want to share 2 prompts that you should end your journal entries with. It has helped myself and my clients to effortlessly call in our manifestations/prayers.


Journal Prompt #1: Today I Am So Thankful For…


It can be challenging to be present and realize all you have to be thankful for in this very moment. This prompt helps you to reflect and take stock of the day. You will realize all the Blessings that took place since the moment you opened your eyes, especially the things that you may unconsciously take for granted. In some of my darkest times, I expressed thanks for having a car so that I didn’t have to walk home in the rain, having a warm home to live in during unforgiving New York winters, even for having breath in my lungs.


I also use this section to talk about the best part of my day. No matter what you’re going through, I urge you to find a moment of joy in your day. This prompt trains your brain to look for things throughout the day to be grateful for. Over time, you will notice less worry and anxiety about your daily life and aspirations. This helps to ultimately raise your frequency and keep you aligned with the very things you’re looking to attract into your life and/career.



Journal Prompt #2: I Am So Thankful Now That…


Ladies, this part of beyond important. During this section you are going to write about what you want but, in the present tense. You must write as though you already have the thing that you’re asking for and express gratitude that it has happened. If you desire something, it’s already yours. It’s just that the version of you that has this thing or whose circumstances are different, is on a different part of your timeline. However, this is how you close the gap.


This method is called, “Future Self Journaling” and take my word for it – it’s highly effective! You have the power to write the life you want to create into existence with pen and paper.


Let’s say you’re looking to manifest the mate of your dreams although you have no current prospects. Despite what “reality” looks like today, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Here’s an example of how you could do some Gratitude Future Self Journaling around this:


“I’m so thankful now that I have a romantic partner who ((insert characteristics that you desire)) ____________________________________________. I love that they (( insert special things you would want someone to do for you )) ____________________________. They make me feel (( insert ways you want to feel once you’re with this person )) ________________________. I love when we (( insert things you’d like to do together like traveling and/or small moments throughout the day)) _________________________. 


Remember to write everything as though it’s already here – that’s the magic. You don’t have to use this exact template but, it can get you started if you’re having some trouble. Have some fun with this and get as detailed as possible. Allow your imagination to run wild as it’s an important tool in the manifestation process, along with Faith.


On an astrological note, Gratitude Journaling for manifesting is especially potent during the New Moons. I’ve provided all the 2021 New Dates for you in a previous post. Grab your calendar and make notes of these extra magical days.


What Manifestations Are You Looking To Bring To Fruition This Year?

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