10 Women To Start Following On Twitter For Women’s History Month

10 Women To Start Following On Twitter For Women’s History Month

March marks the entry of Women’s History Month, rightfully celebrating, highlighting and appreciating all that the female population has to offer. Over the centuries, women have proven to be just as hard-working, strong and independent as our male counterparts, and today many are beating out the boys for top jobs in the workforce.

There are so many powerful women out there, through social media we are able to be inspired by their journeys just by scrolling down our timelines. With various social issues occurring in our country, and across the globe, these female trailblazers are fueling the conversation – using methods of humor, witty sarcasm or passionate monologues to drive their point across. With a wide variety out there, your Twitter is certainly missing something if you aren’t yet following a few of our generation’s key lady tastemakers.

See our list of 10 women you should start following on Twitter in honor of Women’s History Month. – Lindsey India


1. Amanda Seales – @amandaseales

Amanda is the perfect blend of comedian meets activist, as far as her Twitter personality goes. From shutting down Steve Santagati over cat-calling on CNN, to just telling it like it is in sporadic rants, you need to give her that follow.


2. Jean Grae – @JeanGreasy

Jean might be a veteran rapper in the hip-hop game, but she has one amazing sense of humor on social media. From one look at her social media, as well as a listen of her “instructional album for adults,” That’s Not How You Do That, you will wonder how on Earth you can become her new best friend.


3. Michele Norris – @michele_norris

If there is a racial injustice occurring, or a little positivity that needs to be spread, Michele is on it. As a correspondent for NPR, she is always up to date with all things politics, powerful women, and the fight for equality everywhere.


4. JasFly – @JasFly

Jas is the perfect inspiration for your day-to-day creative flow, and she is never afraid to speak her mind. She is worthy of a follow, as she not only encourages us to all keep creating, but she also drops some essential rants on her Timeline every so often that you might regret overlooking.


5. Christina Coleman – @ChrissyCole

Christina is the eyes and ears of everything that’s happening in the world, like many women working in news, her passion is oozing out of every letter in her tweet. From being right in the heart of Ferguson during the aftermath of Mike Brown’s tragic death, to live-tweeting during any breaking news, you will never miss a step of what’s happening right around you, or how outlandish things are getting.


7. Karlie Hustle – @THEKarlieHustle

So much of what you can expect from Karlie is just in her name. Moving from Hot 97 as a programming director, to now working with 9th Wonder Music, and much more, the girl is full of gems on the do’s and don’t’s of the working world, as well as the music industry. It doesn’t hurt that she also has some amazing signature bow ties to match her determined work ethic, and inspiring passion.


8. Nikki Jones – @socprofjones

Nikki is simply inspiring just for doing what she does. As a sociologist, ethnographer, who also wrote Between Good and Ghetto, there is so much to be learned from her Timeline, along with her fight for racial equality.


9. Jamilah Lemieux – @JamilahLemieux

Jamilah is not here for the bullsh*t, and her Twitter account proves just that. There isn’t a topic out there that she won’t step into to make a great point, and isn’t afraid to clap back at those who test that. Clicking the ‘Follow’ button on her page will definitely bring you laughs, inspiration, and a whirlwind of comebacks.


10. Chrissy Teigen – @ChrissyTeigen

Chrissy might be a famed Sport’s Illustrated model, as well as the wife of John Legend, but don’t get it twisted. She has a personality of her own, and it will knock you off your feet. From awesome food recipe ideas, to rants about the lack of intelligence in the world, you can guarantee endless entertainment, with a mix of innovation.

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