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Young Disney Star Expresses Thoughts on Feminism and Black Women

Rowan Blanchard is a fresh faced 13-year-old Disney star, who has something to say about feminism in society.

Rowan is the star of Girl Meets World, a spinoff to 90’s original Boy Meets World. While she’s not playing spunky Riley Matthews on ABC, she’s writing personal essays on Tumblr about the challenges women face today.

Don’t let her young face fool you! This isn’t Rowan’s first rodeo with the world-known controversial topic. She once spoke at the UN Women/US National Committee about the #TeamHeForShe campaign. That’s probably why she was able to eloquently answer a fan question about “white feminism” on her blog, XOXO, Rowan.

Rather than pose her response towards “white” issues, the European/Middle Eastern teen tackled women of color, the awareness of the Sandra Bland movement, and her relation to Amandla Stenberg’s Black Live Matter post.

“The fact that when Amandla Stenberg wrote this beautiful and truthful piece she was automatically labeled the “angry black girl” says enough. We are so quick to applaud white women for commenting on race issues/discussions like #BlackLivesMatter, and #SayHerName, but when a black girl comments on it- she is told she is overreacting or being angry.”

Enjoy the rest of Rowan’s refreshing piece here.


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