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Yoga, Meditation, and The Entrepreneur

By Posted on 0 6 m read

The life of an entrepreneur is a tough one but one with many rewards, both internally and externally. Entrepreneurs have the ability to control a majority of their life and although that sounds like a walk in the park, the everyday life of an entrepreneur can be filled with a lot of responsibility, stress, and anxiety.

As an owner of a business or a brand, garnering positive results and high revenue with your business is 100 percent up to you and the work that you put in. Instead of working a 9-5, most entrepreneurs are working diligently 24/7.

The Live Civil brand is all about entrepreneurship and being your own boss. We know that it can get hard sometimes but for us, entrepreneurship is always worth it. The security of knowing that what you have created and built is all yours and nobody can take it away from you is incredible. The security of knowing that if you needed to take a break or vacation for whatever reason you are able to do so without getting fired or worrying if you will be replaced. The security of knowing that all of your hard work is monetized into measurable dollars that you can physically see – and know that it’s all yours. The fact that you will leave a noticeable and unique mark on this world.

Can you say, THE LIFE?!

As we said, entrepreneurship is great, but can also be quite stressful. Some things we find helpful for us include yoga and other meditation activities. Not only do these activities relieve stress in a productive way, but they even blossom creativity and spark the next “big idea.” It is tremendously important for entrepreneurs to be not only physically fit but mentally fit in order to endure all that comes with the lifestyle. We want you all to be your best selves all around, so here is why practicing yoga and meditation are beneficial for the new wave entrepreneur.

Letting Go Of Control 

As an entrepreneur, we spend most of our time making decisions and calling the shots. During yoga class, you will no longer be in control. All egos are left at the door when you enter yoga and it is your chance to give someone else the chance to lead and a time to give yourself the chance to dive into the unfamiliar and be instructed. You will gain an appreciation for being instructed and this increases empathy with your employees. This will help you put more trust into your team and managers when it is time for them to take over while you take the back seat.

Shake Off Self-criticism & Build Confidence

Yoga helps to get rid of all negative thoughts that create fear and destroy confidence. As an entrepreneur, we are expected to be on top of our game, strong, courageous, and bold at all times. In reality, we all have negative thoughts and some days we are just not on our A game. Yoga and meditation quiet the loud negative voices and makes the soft positive voice within all of us louder. The truth is, we are all beautifully and wonderfully made, and we are capable of doing everything we set our mind to. The only thing that holds us back is ourselves, but with yoga and meditation, you will learn how to stop holding yourself back and be all that you have the potential to be!

Quieting The Mind (You control your to-do list, your to-do list doesn’t control you.)

To-do lists are the new wave and early entrepreneurs best friend. As entrepreneurs, we feel as though we can always be working on something to better ourselves or our brand and that can become paralyzing. Nine times out of ten your to-do list will never end and you need to practice quieting your mind and realize that it is okay to not get everything done on that list. During yoga and meditation, breathing is a major component of the practice. Slow and intentional breathing separates the mind from your never ending thoughts. During yoga practice, you learn how to acknowledge your thoughts but not let them control or take over you. You learn to live in the moment and do exactly what you can in that moment while remaining balanced and at peace.


Meditation promotes creative thinking and can bring about new and fresh ideas. As an entrepreneur, we are constantly developing new ways to push our product or our brand. Creativity is a must and is something that is supposed to come naturally. A lot of the times we find ourselves stuck in the same routine way of doing things, we are in tunnel vision mode and it is hard to break out of it and create something new and refreshing. Social media can either help our harm your creativity because you have access to see what everyone else is doing, it makes it so easy to bite and not be original. Yoga and meditation create the space in your brain for it to be creative.

According to Uplift, meditation and reflection can increase frontal cortex activity which is linked to focus, calmness, and concentration. Yoga and meditation can even enlarge that part of your brain. We know this isn’t biology class but let’s learn. Alpha brain states are where brilliant ideas arise and where athletes find their zone. Numerous studies have shown that breathing practices increase the Alpha brain waves associated with lower levels of stress and greater levels of creativity. A lot of people are born with this unstoppable creativity but some of us need a little extra help, yoga and meditation are perfect to give you that push to the immaculate ideas that you know are inside of you.

Patience & People

Being an entrepreneur you are usually dealing with tons of people and lots of different personalities on an everyday basis. In order to be an effective leader and all around a likable person, you have to have patience and know how to deal with people, even if you may not be too fond of them. Yoga and meditation help create the mindfulness to look at people and situations from multiple perspectives without judgment. The practice helps you understand yourself better and in return, you will understand others better. The practice also helps create a certain serenity that disables us from “popping off” when one of our employees, friends, or family members pisses us off. *Namaste*

Yoga and meditation also take practice and patience to get a grasp of. Progress in the practice is developed slowly just like a business. When practicing you will find yourself humbled by the experience of working towards something and not seeing the results instantly, it takes time to see the results of yoga and meditation. Businesses take time to grow and it is rare that entrepreneurs see revenue as soon as they launch their business. Yoga and meditation will teach you how to be patient and appreciate how far you have come and how far you are going to go if you just relax.

We hope this information finds you well and if you are a new entrepreneur or an old one looking to get into new habits we advise you to take on yoga and meditation! If you don’t know where to start we are here to help.

  1. Get a membership at a yoga center near you
  2. Find a free class and your cities park
  3. Groupon is the GOAT for inexpensive yoga/meditation classes, download the app!
  4. Take on yoga and meditation right inside your own home. There are thousands of classes and tutorials on youtube, just purchase a mat and get to work!

Remember that you will not become the ultimate yogi like Russell Simmons after one or two classes, it is a continual practice. With a dedication to the practice, you will become your best self. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Namaste! Let’s continue to be great and Live Civil.


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