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Yara Shahidi Will Be Making Her Directional Debut Soon

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Yara Shahidi continues to make us proud, with the recent success of Grown-ish and now our girl can add director to her resume!

Shahidi will be directing a short film through Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology. The series is full of shorts directed by women in order to provide a platform to tell better stories.

The series began in 2016 with Gabourey Sidibe’s directional debut, The Tale of Four which starred Jussie Smollet, Ledisi, and Aisha Hinds. Kristen Stewart and Chloe Savigny were also apart of this greatness with short films that screened at Sundance and Cannes.

Shahids’s film and others will screen across TNT social, digital and television channels. Shahidi wrote the script with Grown-ish writer Jordan Reddout. The film is inspired by her own experiences and the 1956 French film The Red Balloon, the podcast “99% Invisible.”

This film is super special for a multiple of reasons but our favorite reason is the fact that Shaidi’s mother, Keri Shahidi is the executive producer and her father, Afshin Shahidi was the director of photography! A family affair.

“The story centers around one character who we have aptly titled ‘X,’ and it’s X’s journey through L.A. — a day in the life — but also a larger commentary on what it’s like to maneuver through a space that you don’t own or have ownership of,” Shahidi told The Los Angeles Times.

She continued, “Being somebody who’d been in California for most of her life, I’ve benefited from how diverse it is, how open it is, how liberal it is,” she continued. “This really stemmed from us wanting to dive further into that … and still discuss the universality of what it’s like to be an unprotected class of any kind, whether you’re a person of color, whether you’re an immigrant, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re differently abled — whatever it is. Directing really makes you stick to your voice and have the ability to back it up, saying, ‘This is how I want to do it.’ Of course, you have to make compromises here and there, but it really did remind me to not be so willing to (make compromises), and to feel empowered to execute my vision.”

The short film is expected to be released later this year. We can not wait to see this beautiful piece of art! Go YARA!


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