#WomensHistoryMonth: 4 Powerful Young Women Under 18 Years Old

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We’ve heard Kanye West say this time and time again: “LISTEN TO THE KIDS BRUH” and he is absolutely correct. The youth are our future, our hope, and will end up being the next leaders of the free world. Our open and honest perspective, our sheer genius when it comes to social media and technology, young millennials are changing the world daily.

To help close out another memorable Women’s History Month, we wanted to shed light on a group of women, who are out here flourishing, inspiring, and living their best lives all before they’ve turned 18 years old. While a lot of us are older than these amazing girls, there’s plenty to learn from each of them.

See 4 powerful women under the age of 18 changing the world by the day. Let us know who else you would add to this list in the comments section below!


Yara Shahidi


17 year old, “Imagine That” and “Blackish” actress Yara Shahidi and Essence’s #GenerationNext Honoree has taken the past year by storm with her greatness. She is not only a member of the cast of one of the most groundbreaking sitcoms of our generation but she is also a positive role model to teenagers all over the world.

What’s special about Yara is her passion for education and how she holds herself responsible and accountable as a young woman in the public eye. Yara thrives through school like a normal teenager struggling with AP classes and trying to get into college. When Yara isn’t on set she is probably in her trailer reading Tony Morrison, dancing, listening to music, going over numbers for her AP calculus class, or hosting a panel where she discusses her insight on topics/issues like feminism, women equality, education, and social injustices.

Yara plans to study African American Studies and Sociology in college. Her recommendation letter was written by Michelle Obama, and that right there is where I drop the mic. We can not wait to see what Yara does as far as politics go especially.

Willow Smith


16 year old, artisan and daughter to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith. Willow Smith has been a victim of the media and naysayers attacking her style, way of thinking, and way of living freely. All of the reasons why Willow Smith is misunderstood are all of the reasons why she is a woman who will indeed make history. Willow Smith is special because of her indisputable sense of self. At a very young age, Willow has learned a lesson that takes many women decades to learn: Be yourself and don’t care about what others think.

Being a teen in the public eye she did not fall into the pressures of society to “act” or “be” a certain way, she just is what she is, and that is herself. Willows sense of style and unique music that is filled with conscious and aware content about self and the world around her speak for itself. It is okay to be vulnerable, different, quirky, caring, loving, and smart. She is a style icon who has been recognized by the likes of Teen Vogue, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. You can also witness her artistic genius on “Satellite Flight”, her song with the legendary Kid Cudi’s on his most recent album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’. 

Outside of all of the cool stuff that Willow does we rarely hear that she has a thing for STEM. Yes,  Willow loves science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! In the future, she wants to deepen connections in the science community and possibly attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Yup, you can make music with one of the hottest rappers of our time and be into outer space and numbers/calculations.

Do you boo boo!

We are rooting for Willow Smith in every way, she reminds us that life is all about finding, doing, and being what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Chloe & Halle Bailey


16 and 17-year-old sisters, Chloe and Halle, have stolen all of our hearts (including Beyonce’s) with their beautifully put together melodic music that they share online. We first heard about their passion for women’s rights at this years 2017 SXSW Music Festival where they performed at the YouTube House @ Coppertank at the festival on Friday, March 17 along with Solange Knowles, Rae Sremmurd, & Migos. The R&B duo also performed at one of last year’s SXSW Music Festival panels where Michelle Obama was a keynote speaker.

Chloe Bailey describes music as a “universal language”, regardless of your background, skin color, or gender, “everyone understands feelings and emotion.”Halle Bailey says, “Everybody has their different opinions, but once you hear a song, you can agree on something,”

Chloe and Halle are special because they are using their talent and platform not only to entertain but to educate and spread love and positivity amongst humanity. The duo publically expresses their views on the current state of our nation and participate in ways to make a change and an impact as young women with a platform. You might have caught them in the streets at this year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles, where they joined thousands of women in protesting against the new administration policies and women’s rights.

Chloe and Halle are the epitomai of what it means to come up in the digital age. We have one major tool to share our beliefs and opinions, and that is social media. During this day and age, the younger generation can learn a lot from these sisters on using your social media platform to make a name for yourself while making a positive impact. We can’t wait to see what they do as artists and even more so as role models for the youth!

P.S They are best friends with our girl Yara Shahidi, birds of a feather really do flock together.

Keep living civil young queens!

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