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Why You Should Make 2016 The Year of “The Ask”

By Posted on 3 2 m read

A couple days ago we created a list of goals to help make 2016 most productive for you. While many of us already have our resolutions and goals laid out, consider adding just one more to your list: make 2016 the year of “the ask”.

Now, you may be wondering, “what is ‘the ask’?” and the answer is quite simple. The ask is the leap of faith you take when you shamelessly ask for what you want and desire. Let’s face it, a lot of the things we want we never really straight up ask for. We think about it. We dream about it. We speak about it. But rarely do we ever fix our lips to actually ask for it.

That must stop in 2016.

As a society we’ve become too fearful of the word, “no” that we’ve just stopped asking questions completely. That’s counterproductive. When you ask the right questions and you ask the right people, you’ll be amazed at what will manifest itself.

So, since we’re still fresh into 2016, we challenge you to make a list of things you want this year. Then find out who would be the best person to ask to help fulfill your desire. Granted, you may get a “no,” but that’s the name of the game, and far from the end of the world. Take the “no” with style and grace and continue pressing and being great in all that you do.

Whoever you may be, we are confident that you have a bright future ahead where your career goals, family goals, squad goals and more completely align. We want you to live the most fulfilling life possible and if that means asking for what you want, by all means.

Yes it’s a new year and yes it’s 2016 but the reality is, closed mouths still don’t get fed.


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