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Who Run The World: 5 From 5 Around The Globe

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Not only is it Women’s History Month, but today specifically is International Women’s Day. Originally entitled International Women’s Working Day, the now less marginalized name still plays a huge role in the advancement of women since the suffrage movement. Today, women continue to play significant roles in the political, social, art arenas and more. In celebration of this special day and month, we present to you five of our favorite women; each from a different continent.  Every one of them are diverse and unique in their contribution to women’s history and continue to make strides towards more with each given day.  And most likely, you haven’t heard much about them.  How Exciting!



International Women's Day

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan, Chairperson of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace

As a growing and evolving student of culture, economics and politics, the Columbia University graduate has been active in world affairs since 1971.  Mixing academia and journalism, she created important talk shows (such as “The World’s Movers”), wrote important and eye-opening pieces, met with Presidents from Iraq to the United States, organized the first World Peace International Symposium, was included as one of the Greatest Women of the 21st Century and much, much, much more.

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru made a startling announcement at the tip top of this year when she announced her vision of the brewing days to come for our human society. Through her message, she also took the time to encourage love, understanding, and much needed tender care for Earth.  While some find her “prophecy” disengaging, there’s more than one thing to learn within, and is highly recommended for anyone who has a spirit and a soul:


 North America

"International Women's Day"

Ursula M. Burns; Madam Chairman (or Chairperson) and CEO of Xerox

First and foremost, Burns is the first African-American woman CEO to stand as the face and head of a Fortune 500 Company. As one  of the most inspiring stories of our century, Burns grew up in a New York City Housing Project. A child of Panamanian immigrants, she maneuvered her way through high school, to a  Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of NYU and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University a year later.

She began at Xerox as a summer intern, proved to show outstanding work and diligence, and continued to excel toward product development, executive assistant, and beyond. Nearly 30 years later, she now stands as the CEO. Her dedication to lower-income neighborhoods and community outreach has gained her worthy respect throughout the years as well.  How many women do you know can stand next to Oprah and not drop a sweat?



International Women's Day

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; First Female Head of State in Africa, of Liberia

Sirleaf stands as the first woman to head the African country of Liberia and to join the Head of States in Africa. Now, she’s in her second run after having been re-elected in Liberia as the 24th President; first in 2006 and having restarted in 2012. Belonging to the Unity Party, her run for office came soon after the end of the Second Liberian Civil War. Her inauguration was attended by foreign dignities and political forces worldwide, including then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush.

Since taking office, she kept true to her world and diminished the debts of her country, cancelling over 1.26billion$ of debt in only 4 years in office. Beyond that, she’s been physically active in promoting economic and social development, and strengthening the position of women in more powerful roles.  She’s also furthered foreign reconciliation amongst countries, foreign policies, and more. And now holds a Nobel Peace Prize as of 2011 for her dedication to ending the “suppression of women” and “recognizing the great potential for democracy.” Live Civil salutes Sirleaf not only for her effort, but her accomplishments; proving it will, can, and shall be done.

South America

Isabel Allende Llona; American Academy Award winning Chilean Writer and Novelist 

Famed author, Allende Llona, became popular for including much of her heritage and traditions into her work.  She began as a journalist and editor.  Chilean legend and poet, Pablo Neruda, encouraged her to make a shift to novels in 1970 because of her imagination.  And she hasn’t turned back since.

Her work has been celebrated for its utter honesty and poetic form of delivery.  Her grandfather inspired her most popular book, The House of the Spirits, which began as a letter to him as he laid on his deathbed.  Paula is a memoir of her childhood in Chile, her time spent in exile with her father who was an Argentinian diplomat, and other aspects of her tumultuous life growing up.  Penned to her daughter, Paula, whom lost her life in 1992 at the age of 28 to porphyria disease and to who she dedicated her foundation towards better education and health for women.

As an international influence, having been awarded accomplishments from all over the world such as “Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters”, “Mistrel Order of Merit,” “Feminist of the Year Award” she continues to voice as as advocate, known as the third most influential Latino leader in the world.  Her impact on the world through literature and around literature hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not from us.


International Women's Day

Elizabeth Broderick; Human Rights Commisioner

Beginning as a lawyer, Broderick took her dedication for justice and made a role for herself as a leader.  Holding two hats, she serves as the Commissioner for Sex Discrimination and Age Discrimination.  Over the years and through her career as lawyer, she took to issues regarding gender equality at home and in work, the balance of work and life, and age and sex discrimination.

Actively helping to increase the voice of women in powerful positions, she’s the cause of much relating change in ASX Corporate Government Principles and is an advisor on women’s issues to the Australian Chief of the Defense Force.  She’s also belonging to the University of Technology Advisory Board in Sydney, the Vic Health Advisory Board and the ANU Centre for Public and International Law.  I’m just going to imagine she’s also the cause of Sarah Palin’s possible arrest, and that’s all I’d ever need to know in life.  Live Civil appreciates you.

Man or Woman– these people are uplifting the world with their love and dedication.  There are no boundaries to what you can do, beyond any restraints you may feel.  Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate the women in your life!

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