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What the Hell Is Wrong with Melissa McCarthy’s Face on This ‘Heat’ Poster?

By Posted on 1 1 m read

(Photo: Getty Images | Fox)

By now it’s no secret that what you see in the pages of magazines, mass billboards, and other glossy pieces of media that use perfection as a selling point is often far from reality thanks to the wondrous little program known as Photoshop. Nobody looks this perfect in real life.

But somebody over at 20th Century Fox needs to re-evaluate their Photoshopping strategy because the latest poster for the buddy-cop comedy The Heat makes Melissa McCarthy damn near unrecognizable, and that’s with her name in big letters right above her head. Really, I mean, this is ridiculous:
Not only is this shoddy job offensive to skilled Photoshopper’s everywhere, but it’s offensive simply in terms of intent. McCarthy has worked hard to establish a career as a leading lady based on talent not body type, and over the last few years moviegoers have said, via their money at the box office, it doesn’t matter that she’s not a size 2. We know what we’re getting with McCarthy — lots of laughs and charm, not supermodel seduction — and that’s the point.

So why does the studio feel the need to digitally shed pounds off of McCarthy’s face and neck to the point that she doesn’t even look human?


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