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[Watch] Pantene Takes Shampoo Out of This Commercial To Call Attention To A Bigger Problem Than Split Ends

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Hair care giant Pantene has a very bold and empowering tv ad running in their Philipine’s markets that will make you think twice before fast forwarding your dvr. This campaign focuses on the strong-double standards that allow women to take negative hits when exhibiting identical behavior to that of their male counterparts who receive praise. The ad is pretty self-explanatory as it portrays women acting out regular everyday duties at work, home or just wherever they are and the connotations that are applied to them by society. In a split-second shift, it shows men in those same situations, executing the same tasks and illustrates the positive responses that follow.


While you don’t actually see Pantene products in the ad, everyone’s hair looks amazing and it’s a sacrifice made for a much greater purpose, social commentary. Check out the spot below and let us know what you think!



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