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Watch A Mom Hear Her Son’s Heartbeat In A 4-Year-Old Girl’s Body

By Posted on 5 1 m read

A mother shared a very touching moment with the mom of a little 4-year-old girl, as she was given her late son’s heart.

Heather Clark chose to donate her 7-month-old son’s organs after he passed away in 2013 following abuse from his babysitter’s boyfriend.

This past month, Clark came face-to-face with Jordan Drake, the girl who received his heart, and her mother, as she contained her son’s heart.

Clark was able to listen to the heartbeat of Jordan, making for a very emotional moment for both her and Jordan’s mother.

Esther Gonzales, Jordan’s mother, said of the moment, “I think I’ve run out of words at this point now.”

Heather even commented that her son’s heart was “so strong” when listening to it beat in Jordan. It’s definitely a moment that will make you tear up, but be sure to watch it here.


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