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Viral Video Informs About America’s Darkest Skeleton In The Most Effective Way Ever

By Posted on 0 2 m read

150 years since it was abolished, slavery has become the tipping point of many a conversation; directly related or indirectly, somehow, some way, someone is always crafty enough to bring it back here. Not without good cause however, as the effects of slavery have been, far reaching and still present in many aspects of our lives today. The unfortunate truth is that the cliche of slavery has kept us as a nation from further progressing past this current state of stealthy discrimination and passive acceptance, into fully embracing and celebrating cultural diversity and racially equality.

These are all the things we know, the things we see everyday. It’s a brand new day folks! John Green and the team over at Crash Course are taking a new, more upbeat but still relentlessly honest look at the history and progression of slavery, and the effect it has today. What I like about this video is that it doesn’t just present the same old facts we hear every February, it EXPLAINS why things went the way they did. Understanding an issue is the best way to successfully move past it. Do I think this video is going to dramatically change race relations in the US in 2013, at 14 minutes and 25 seconds of fact spewing greatness, not likely. However, I’m hoping that it begins to open INTELLECTUAL and open minded conversation that inspires people to get over the uncomfortable, chastising tone that seems to embody every racially charged conversation, and begin to really lay the foundation of a path into eased tensions.

Also be sure to check out Crash Course’s other videos as well. Operating like a new age, School House Rock (raise your hand if you remember “Conjunction Junction”!) Crash Course offers videos ranging in topics from history, literature, ecology, chemistry and biology. Get your knowledge on or pass the videos on to someone who needs to!


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