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Tyler Perry Covers Both Ends of the Spectrum With New Shows on Oprah’s OWN

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By now you’ve heard both excitement and exasperation over the super collaboration that is brewing over at OWN Networks between Oprah and Tyler Perry. Well now you have a little bit more information to base your judgement or excitement on.

Tuesday May 28th and Wednesday May 29th will play host to new life on the OWN Network with the special 2-Night Premier of Tyler Perry’s two new shows The Haves and The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor. The former is a drama that focuses on the dynamic between the wealthy, affluent Cryer family and how their dysfunction intertwines with that of their hired help the Young family. After reading the synopsis it does initially sound very characteristic of the work that Tyler Perry has been both praised and criticized for however, I’m sure writing for a drama will more than stretch his creative genius to the edge and I’m hopeful for just how out of the box the daily demands of a regular drama push him.

The second show in the line-up is Love Thy Neighbor, a sitcom that also takes place in Atlanta (surprised?) about a mother of two who have grown up and still live at home. The series starts with them moving out and finding their own places, and the laughs begin as we encounter life with the children, their roommates, their mother, and their jobs. I don’t expect much different with Love Thy Neighbor than Tyler gave us with Meet The Brown’s and House of Payne but again, the demands of this network and the audience it supports might be just enough to bring some innovation out of the undoubtedly talented Mr. Perry. Not to mention I’m sure Oprah was very influential in the creation and decision making process, and while Oprah’s bank account hasn’t seen a cloudy day for quite some time, for the sake of success and credibility I’m sure she wouldn’t air anything less than quality material.

We’ll all be tuned in May 28th and 29th and we’d love to hear what you have to say on twitter, be sure to hit us up @LiveCivil

First Look: Tyler Perry’s Two-Night, Two Series Premiere Spectacular!

Deep in the heart of Atlanta, shrouded in secrecy, cameras are rolling on two brand new television shows. But now, YOU get the very first sneak peek at what Tyler Perry has been working on and bringing to OWN this May!

So, mark your calendars! Watch the first look above, then tune in to OWN on May 28th and 29th for a special two night, two series premiere spectacular.



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