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[Video] New Trailer for Beyonce Docu “Life Is But A Dream”

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Beyonce’s reign just won’t let up, (if we can borrow a phrase from Rihanna) seeing as there’s been a media frenzy for about a solid month now. Back in November, Mrs. Knowles-Carter announced that she would be doing a collaboration project with HBO for a more personal documentary than any of the footage we’ve seen from her over the years. We have a first look for you!

In the footage below Beyonce describes the pressures and inner conflict of deciding just how much of herself she should share with the general public, a question we’ve all asked as well. Here she discusses the times surrounding her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, we wonder if she’ll address any of the miscarriage rumors Jay-Z alluded to in his song for their daughter Glory? Check out the vid below, are you getting excited…or just annoyed?


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