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[Video] Vibe Vixen Features Our Own Karen Civil in “A Walk In Her Shoes” Parts 1 & 2

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Recently, Social Media and Entertainment Maven (namesake and kingpin ’round these parts) Karen Civil was featured in Vibe Vixen’s spotlight on women in the industry “Walk In Her Shoes“. The 2-part mini video series follows Ms. Civil first, as she gets ready for the inaugural DJ Global Spin Awards, talks about her upcoming book, and offers some words on her experiences in gaining success as a woman in a male dominated industry.

In the second installment of the video we head back to LA (from NY) to catch Karen as she hosts the Live Civil Brunch. The Live Civil Brunch is a perfect marriage for what Vibe Vixen’s Walk In Her Shoes stands for, as it celebrates influential women across various industries and brings them together in the spirit of support and empowerment. We love Karen and with this inside peak into the brains behind the beast, you all get a chance to see and understand just how ferocious her hustle is and how she does it with the utmost poise and a set of killer heels!

Check out their short write up and both parts of Walk In Her Shoes here!


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