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Veteran R&B Songstress Brandy Talks Love, TV and Music With Pynk Magazine

By Posted on 0 3 m read

R&B’s Sweetheart Brandy, has been on the scene not only since she was a little girl, but since most of us were little as well. Coming off the heels of her latest release Two-Eleven, and right at the start of her new season of BET’sThe Game, Brandy and Pynk Magazine update us on what all she’s been up to. Check out some of the conversation below!

Pynk Magazine: You hit the ground running with the release of ‘Two-Eleven’. You were everywhere promoting the album. Do you feel as though your hard work paid off? Were you pleased with how the album performed?

“I feel like my hard work paid off because my fans love the album. Of course, I would’ve wanted the album to reach more people but I just feel blessed to be able to do what I love. Sales chart positions and all of those things don’t really define me…I define me.”

You’ve helped to musically influence an entire generation of singers and many of your fans feel that you have gone unrecognized for the impact you’ve had on R&B music. Do you agree? Why or why not?

“Sometimes I agree with it because I know there are a lot of talented people that have shown me a lot of love on top of my fans really expressing their love for me. Sometimes I think your ego gets in the way because you know you want everybody to feel that way about you. You want to get the credit. You want to get the props but I try not to live in that space because I know it’s ego. I’m just happy with being me. I’m happy with being able to be so connected in my being that I’m able to express that in my music. There are so many people who get the credit but they’re not really connected to their music. I would take the honesty and the connection with my music over the credit any day…but both would be nice! [laughs]”

You’re returning to “The Game” as Chardonnay for another season. What can viewers and fans of the show expect to see from your character this season?

“This season you’ll see Chardonnay find her place in this new football world. She’s transitioning into being Jason Pitts’ wife but still trying to balance maintaining her identity. You get to see her develop this friendship with Tasha Mack and also more of the dynamics of her relationship with Jason. What they have is true love. She’s not into him for his money.”

How do you balance your career, motherhood, and preparing to become a wife?

“I don’t know! [laughs] It’s hard. I haven’t worked this hard in my life! My daughter has her own life now. She’s getting older so she has her own schedule now. Sometimes, I want her to travel with me and she’s like ‘no mom. I have a school trip I have to go on.’ [laughs] I have a great support system though. My fiancé, my mom and god-sisters they definitely help out.”

It’s good to hear from B. Rocka and to know she’s doing well. Get into the fab pics of her below and read the full interview in this months edition of Pynk Magazine which will be on newsstands NEXT WEEK! Also, be sure to catch her as Chardonnay on BET’s The Game, check your local listings for times!






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