“Super Mom” Valerie Crabbe Is Improving the Foster Care System With her Being Beautiful Foundation

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The Being Beautiful Foundation Pinnacle Awards Charity Gala was the inspirational place to be for the Philadelphia community dedicated to making the foster care system better.

Being a mother to three of her own children and stepmother to her husband’s other three didn’t bring a full enough house for Valerie Crabbe. Soon, she and her husband found themselves opening their house to numerous foster children and adopting two of them creating a colorful, blended family. After learning about Valerie’s heroic story, NBC Today dubbed her “Super Mom,” whose dreams were super indeed.

The “Super Mom’s” huge heart and love for helping others pushed her to create the Being Beautiful Foundation for Foster Children. It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and nurturing homes for at-risk youth. While her home for ten turned into a group home for many, nothing compares to her further plan for expanding the love.

That’s where the gala came into play. In order to create ten more homes, the annual Pinnacle Awards Charity Gala opened its doors to the who’s who of Philadelphia Wednesday night to bring awareness (and a little financial assistance) to her worthy cause.

Aside from a silent auction, influential figures in the community who experienced their own trials in foster care were honored throughout the night. Charles J. Stecker Jr., Nikki Johnson-Huston, Dr. Sharon McDaniel, and legendary singer Bunny DeBarge of the DeBarge Family shared their stories of making sweet futures out of their sour pasts.

Valerie Crabbe’s selfless campaign has been a great support for over 4,000 children. In order to keep the love flourishing, visit the Being Beautiful Foundation website and see how you can contribute.

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