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Urban Menswear and Fashion Photographer Tasha Bleu Teaches You How To Shoot’n’Style a Successful Lookbook

By Posted on 5 1 m read

A while back we were honored to do a great feature on the female pioneer of the fashion photography industry Tasha Bleu. You can still read our original story, but to catch you up Tasha has worked and shot for everyone from Civil affiliate Karmaloop, Complex Magazine, Elle Magazine, Forbes and the list goes on.

For her latest endeavor, Tasha is investing in the industry by teaching a class on how to style and shoot a successful fashion lookbook hosted by Skillshare. The class is only $15 which is more than a steal when your professor is as credentialed as she is. In the class she will cover the following topics:

1. Gathering information

2. Creating an inspiration/story board

3.Preparing the looks

4. Establishing your shooting schedule and shot list

And a few other things we’ll leave out for you to discover once you register for the class. All the information can be found via her Skillshare page, here and if you want to find out more about Tasha check out her personal page at Treu Bleu Imagery!


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