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Tyler Perry Bought Tiffany Haddish Her Dream Car

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Back in December of 2017, Tiffany Haddish made a trip to the Ellen show to further introduce herself to America. Tiffany’s authentic perspective an unashamed approach to life would win viewers over. During her talk with Ellen, it was revealed that Tiffany hopes to one day own a Tesla. Fast forward to now, Haddish is the proud owner of her very own Tesla, thanks to mogul & producer Tyler Perry. Over the holiday break, Tiffany would share that Perry ended up surprising her with her dream car about a week ago in a video message. Apart of her share to fans, Tiffany even pointed out that the Ellen show never actually got a promised Tesla rental to her despite saying they would. Eiter way, Haddish is now able to drive a Tesla much longer than a week.

Check out what Tiffany wrote on her Instagram about Perry’s gift, below:

So I got this message from my friend and Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago. When I tell you I cried so hard. I almost couldn’t believe it. 1st off a man has never bought me a car outright. I have always had to make payments. This was just out the kindness of his heart And probably tired of me talking about it all the time and I didn’t have to do anything for it but a Great job in our New Movie Nobody’s Fool. Thank God for kind people that want to spread happiness. I am now on my way to see if this is Really! Cause I am still waiting on the one @theellenshow said they would let me use for a week.


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