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Two South African High School Students Are Working On Africa’s First Private Satellite Launch

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Two teen girls from South Africa are working to launch Africa’s first private satellite in 2016, which is being run by the Meta Economic Development Organization.

Many students across Capte Town reportedly attended the program’s launch for “Youth Day,” and was motivated by a shortage of technical skill requirements.

The Medo CEO, Judi Sandrock, said of the project:

“The intention of this program is not to be a once-off.  It is to be the start of at least a decade-long drive to inspire young people to enter the science and technical fields.”

Medo has been looking to inspire young women to consider STEM as a career, which represents 8 of the top 10 job occupations that are in demand in the country.

One of the students, Siddiqah Latief, spoke of her excitement with science and engineering:

“I always thought it was for nerdy boys…It’s amazing to see how all these bits come together to create something so technical and amazing,” the Pelican Park High School pupil enthused.  It has never been my favorite subject, but I am starting to love science. I always thought it was for nerdy boys. Now I am thinking of making this my career.”

Her classmate,Nina-Rose Clarke, who is creating the satellite with her, also commented:

“I never thought building things could be this interesting. I am loving this experience. It’s so exciting to be exposed to more than just drawing and studying ideas. Constructing stuff is so much better.”

Congratulations to these accomplished young women. The satellite is set to launch sometime in 2016.


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