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Twitter Account @RapedAtSpelman Goes Viral After Sharing Devastating Rape Story

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Twitter is a powerful, powerful place. So powerful that folks worldwide can use it in various ways that can deeply impact anyone following. For an anonymous young girl, going by the Twitter handle @RapedAtSpelman, is using her voice to make sure what happened to her during her time at Spelman College doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the twitter account made its first post yesterday stating, “This is my freshmen year at Spelman and my last year because I decided to leave after what happened to me.” From there, the account sent out a handful of other tweets breaking down the horrific rape that took place and Spelman’s alleged lack of support and help in the process.

Spelman College is currently investigating the situation and gave this statement:

“Our hearts go out to this student and I want to personally offer her our full support and assistance,” Spelman President Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell said in a statement provided to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“We are a family at Spelman and we will not tolerate any episode of sexual violence,” she wrote. “No student should ever have to suffer and endure the experience she has recounted on social media. Spelman is conducting a full and thorough review of these events.”

The school did not immediately say whether the alleged victim had filed a police report or other complaint. They did not specify whether they knew who the alleged victim was. The tweets did not say when the alleged assault took place.

Here’s the series of tweets sent by the anonymous account:

Our hearts go out to the young girl behind the @RapedAtSpelman account and we hope this story sheds light on an incredibly serious issue in our society.

Spotted at LoveBScott, via HBCU Digest


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