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TV One Network Will Be Launching A New Station For Women

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Women are constantly dominating  everything, including TV viewership so it is only right we have a channel that caters strictly to us. The TV One Network is launching a new channel called Cleo (or Chleo). The channel will focus on women as its key demographic and audience. The channel is set to release sometime this year and will include both scripted and non-scripted programs. In a press release the network states, “BET was really able to capitalize off of BET Her. TV One wants to expand its programming and target a female audience too.” Before BET Her was the official channel it went through a lot of rebranding. In 1996 the channel was known as BET on Jazz as a spin off to its sister station BET. In 2006 the channel changed again to BET J with a shift in focus from jazz to a general interest channel. Later on in 2009, the channel changed once again to Centric, which focused on general entertainment with lifestyle and music programming targeting “upscale” African Americans. Finally after several failed attempts to revive the dying channel, in 2017 Centric became BET Her with a focus on women. In 2017 BET viewership was at 475,000, which is higher than it was in 2016. See what happens when you decide to listen to women!


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