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Transgender Student Gets Harassed By College Security Officer

By Posted on 2 1 m read


Transgender student Andraya Williams, 22, was stopped by a security guard as she exited the women’s bathroom on Central Piedmont Community College college back in March.

The security guard asked her for her school ID in front of other students. The guard explained that they were only looking out for the safety of the other students because she thought Williams was man dressing up as a woman and then asked Williams was she a male or female.

“It was very embarrassing and humiliating,” said Williams, “because I didn’t feel like it was any of her business.”

According to the freshman, the security guard even laughed and called six other guards to also check Williams’ ID. Soon after, she was escored off campus and told not to return until she provided medical proof that she was female.

Sound off! Do people have the right to discriminated against others because of their physical appearance?


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