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Tracy G Debuts Her First EP ‘Love, Light, & That Good Sh*t’

By Posted on 2 1 m read

‘Love, Light, & That Good Sh*t’ is Tracy G’s baby that she wants to share with the world.

The importance of spreading the light of personal progression is what has brought you this EP. The special message of resilience, faith,love and strength is shared with her “fellow queenly Earthlings, fall down and back back-upers, personal development junkies, and good vibe souls.”

Tracy prides herself on promoting this audio vision board to allow people to empower their purpose in life by accepting their flaws.

The track list that enforces her “affirmations”:

  1. Hey, Wassup, Hello
  2. The Becoming
  3. Green Juice
  4. Love Vs.Lust Pt.1
  5. Love Vs. Lust Pt.2
  6. Snapback Season
  7. Hol Up Wait A Minute

Enjoy the premier of Tracy G’s refreshing voice on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.


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