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TIME Highlights 12 Leading Women in ‘FIRSTS’ Series

The latest edition of Time Magazine profiles 46 women in entertainment, politics, business, science and sports who have effective made a change in the world. Titled, “FIRSTS: The Women Who Are Changing the World,” this edition will be available in book form and carries twelve different covers.

The women highlighted on covers spoke with Time regarding the challenges that went into the work they produced and how they fought across hurdles ranging from male dominance to race and sexuality.

Featured on the covers are: Ava DuVerney, Katharine Jeffers, Schori, Mo’ne Davis, Sylvia Earle, Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nikki Haley, Ilhan Omar, Lori Robinson, Oprah Winfrey and Janet Yellen. You can see the covers below. 

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