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Three Things We Learned About Tyra Banks From Her Memoir ‘Perfect Is Boring’

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Tyra Banks has teamed up with her mother to release her latest book, Perfect Is Boring, which mixes in lessons for mothers and daughters as the duo trace Tyra’s journey from start to top model.

Here are three things we learned about Banks from the book.

She had a nose job

Banks, 44, says she “tweaked” her nose when she was younger.

“I had a Pinocchio nose: It just kept growing. Though instead of growing long, it continued to grow left and right in the area between my eyes. And that spot felt itchy all the time,” she wrote.

She says she didn’t have an issue with her nose (besides the itching), but decided to seek out a doctor after a makeup artist made a comment about it when she started modeling.

“He told me he could stop the itching and sculpt my nose with his philosophy — to preserve ethnic features,” she wrote, after explaining she turned down a previous doctor who wanted to give her a “straight-up-too-thin-too-point-too-WTF” nose. “Did he keep his physical promise and did the itching stop? You nose it.”

She was in the running to become Princess Tiana

Banks also says she was in the running to become the first black Disney princess but lost to Anika Noni Rose, a Broadway singer. The news crushed the model/actress, who loved Disney and was trying desperately to break into the music scene. 

“My dream was over. Done. Was not gonna happen. I was devastated,” she explained.

But it wasn’t all a loss. During a lunch with her (third) music manager not long after, an even better idea of how Banks could connect with people came to them: a talk show.

And so, The Tyra Banks Show was born. 

“Tyra wasn’t meant to be the next Katy Perry or J.Lo,” London wrote. “But the girl could talk and had a gift for helping people see the inner and outer beauty they couldn’t see in themselves.”

She is really good at saving money

“Even before my career, I was a saver. My brother was a spender, I was a saver. I would hold onto it forever and dole it out slowly. My mom explained to me the importance of real estate and that typically in Los Angeles it’s going to appreciate. While a lot of models were partying it up and going shopping and buying a closet of designer clothes or staying at the top hotels during fashion week, I was at the Doubletree or Embassy Suites, saving my money, and bought a house at 20 years old. She explained to me investing is super important.”

Also, when I was 19 years old, I was a new star on the rise. My mom said “You’re starting to make some money. It’s not a lot, but I’ve read about this investment banker and I want to meet with him and tell him that he should start managing your portfolio. So she went to meet with him and he was like, “Look, I don’t take anything below a million dollars to start.” And my mom’s like, “Look, here’s $10,000. They say my daughter is going to be a star and that she’s going to make a LOT of money. And you will not regret this.” And he said yes. And to this day, he’s still my money manager.

I was always conservative. I was always more interested in experiences over things. Things didn’t make me happy. I saved saved saved. But I saved to a fault. About 15 years ago, my accountants pulled me aside, and they were like “Tyra. You’re not spending money. Nothing. You’re just giving it away to the government. You need to spend some damn money!” So we created something called the “F Account.” Which was the “frivolous account.” And I had a budget to spend frivolously for the year, every year. I needed that to feel safe.


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