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Things with Carl Lewis & Usain Bolt Heats Up

By Posted on 24 2 m read


In the most recent case of Old School vs New School Olympic star Usain Bolt has fired back at legendary Runner Carl Lewis. Bolt said in a interview to USA Today :

“Everybody’s forgotten about him” Bolt later added “I’ve lost all respect, all respect; I’m going to say something controversial right now. Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him. The things he says about the track athletes is really downgrading for another athlete to say something like that. I think he’s just looking for attention, really, because nobody really talks much about him.”


This was sparked by this statement from Lewis “I think there are some issues. No one is accusing anyone. But don’t live by a different rule and expect the same kind of respect.” Lewis also implied that some athletes may be using steroids “For someone to run 10.03 one year and 9.69 the next, if you don’t question that … you’re a fool. Period.


Sad to see that Usain doesn’t have the respect of one of the men who made his dream possible. Lewis set the standard and bar for what Usain does so it seems ignorant to even say you can’t respect him. It’s almost equivalent to Kobe Bryant saying he doesn’t respect Michael Jordan or a boxer saying “Muhammad Ali doesn’t get my respect”. Without Carl Lewis they may not be a Usain Bolt.


Is this a case of Bolt getting to cocky or is this a man defending what he’s earned?


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